Tai Chi and Seniors Walking Club

Do you have experience in Tai Chi? If so, come and help teach tai chi to a group of seniors looking for fun and interactive ways in staying healthy and fit. As a tai chi instructor, you’ll help seniors learn basic tai chi movements as well teach them benefits of tai chi philosophy.

About the program- The program focuses on the philosophy of Tai Chi and its benefits for your health, mind and body. The atmosphere is very dynamic, energetic and fun. The goal of the program is to offer light fitness and easy ways to remain active and fit. If you have mobility issues, the instructors will modify each movement to match your capabilities and will always be there to support you. It is a very encouraging environment.

Do you enjoy the outdoors, fresh air and staying active and fit? If so, come volunteer for the Seniors Walking Club. You and other volunteers will encourage seniors to enjoy a light and moderate walks around the park. You and other volunteers will coordinate weekly walks during the months of May through September. The goal is to encourage seniors to enjoy the outdoors as well to encourage a weekly fitness regime for seniors who are looking for fun and interactive ways of staying healthy and active. It’s a great way to influence and inspire seniors about the benefits of simple exercise.

About the program- The Seniors Walking Club is a program that offers seniors to enjoy the outdoors and great weather with a group of trustworthy volunteers. Seniors will have the opportunity to enjoy light fitness and fresh air all the while feeling safe and cared for. The group meets from May-September every year once a week for 1 hour at a nearby park. The walking club offers seniors to feel motivated about staying healthy and active as well to feel connected to the community and the outdoors. If a senior is not an avid walker, they can still be a part of the program by enjoy the great weather on a park bench with the company of a volunteer. After the walk and if the senior is up to it, they can join the group for refreshments at a nearby café.