Teepa Snow’s Positive Physical Approach – Dementia Skills Training Workshop June 23, 2015

This workshop benefits anyone who works with seniors affected by dementia that want to learn and incorporate dementia best practice strategies and techniques into their role.   Individuals such as; Home Support Workers, Nurses, LPN’s, Care Aides, Recreation Staff, Directors of Care, etc

The format of the workshop is experiential and interactive.  Participants are given time to immediately apply what they have learned amongst their peers in a classroom type setting.  This process enhances learning and helps to generate questions—and questions raised by participants assist in expanding the capacity for learning through various contexts.  Knowledge, application and dialogue encourage deeper understanding and allow the knowledge to ‘sink in’.

Nowadays much emphasis is put into online training.   Online training is great for knowledge transfer but is found to be significantly lacking when teaching people skills or engagement skills.  Skill building only comes through practical application.  Supporting people with dementia is hands on work.  Knowledge needs to be practically applied to be fully understood, and to avoid being subject to personal interpretation.  This workshop does just that.

Space is limited—register early.  See you soon!

Teepa Snow's PPA Dementia Skills Training Workshop Poster  June 23, 2015


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