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Are you or someone you know looking for ways in meeting new people and opportunities to feel connected with your community? At Seniors Come Share Society, we offer many volunteer programs that help older adults in the community to feel connected and socially integrated with their local community.

We offer volunteer programs that reflect the needs of each individual making the time with us worthwhile, purposeful and meaningful. We also offer programs that provide language and cultural support to adults struggling with culturally related matters. Many of our programs help build strong intergenerational relationships by incorporating youth and seniors to learn more about one another.

The idea is to make everyone feel welcomed, respected, and comfortable all of which is meant to decrease social isolation and to create a sense of belonging. We offer programs in group settings engaging you with other seniors or one to one visits with a volunteer in the community or in your home. If you want to learn more about our volunteer programs, take a look below or email: volunteer@comeshare.ca

Computer Training

Income Tax Program

Friendly Visitor

Chuck Bailey Share and Care

Tai Chi & Walking Club