About Us

Senior Support

At Seniors Come Share Society we care… in fact, that is how we got started in 1977 as a small group of dedicated community members who saw some of their neighbours and friends struggling to access information, get support, and live the quality of life that they deserved.

Concerns such as:

▪   Where to turn to access information about resources in the community and within the various government bodies?

▪   Caregivers needing a place to turn to help them provide the best support they can while being mindful of their own health needs.

▪   Opportunities to give back in a meaningful way to other older adults through volunteer opportunities to name a few of the reasons our non-profit society has become the central location for Surrey and White Rock residents to call when they are in need of information.

▪   Thanks to our dedicated staff, 200+ volunteers and strong community partnerships we empower, educate and engage older adults and their families so that they can make informed choices, be involved in their community and in charge of their life options.

▪   We use a simple measuring stick to identify the programs we have at Seniors Come Share. We ask ourselves a simple question that comes from the heart, namely “How would I want to be treated? “ The answer to that question guides all that we do… We treat all the people we have the pleasure of assisting the way we would like to be treated.

Our Vision at Seniors Come Share Society

To be the Centre of Excellence in helping seniors maintain independence.

Our Values at Seniors Come Share Society

▪   Excellence: in everything we do

▪   Integrity: we are honest and trustworthy and behave ethically.

▪   Compassion: we care about seniors and their support network with hopefulness and respect.

▪   Responsiveness: help is timely, innovative and dependable.

▪   Accountability: staff members, volunteers and programs are accountable for their responsibilities and actions with the organization.

▪   Collaboration: we maximize our impact through positive working relationships with partners in government, health services and the community.